There's such an amazing network of talented people from Northern Ireland spread out across the world, and we believe they can still maintain a relationship to home no matter where they've ended up.

But with so many young people moving abroad for education and job opportunities, it can sometimes seem like there's nothing to come home for.

That's why we've partnered with Belfast For Life to show off all that is great about living and working in Northern Ireland.

We'll be bringing you stories from the Northern Irish diaspora around the world to both inspire you and reassure you that you're not alone, should you find yourself in a far off land and longing for home.


Kieran Pradeep -  Paris, France

My mum gave me one piece of advice before I set off: “Leap and the net will catch you”. I was moving to Paris in a few months but I was still a penniless recent graduate in Glasgow, crashing with a network of friends and serving burritos. 

I became an economic/academic migrant. Moving abroad can feel like you’re in a free fall but there are plenty of places, good and bad, waiting to break your descent.


Feargal Logue - Manchester, England

I graduated in Manchester with a big smile and a ton of self-doubt. My first plan was to go home for a bit, work in a bar or something and save up for future study. By this stage my appreciation for Derry and Donegal was heartfelt and raw. The hills and beaches of countryside, the familial nostalgia of my parents’ roots in Moville and Culdaff now came with a renewed relevance. I thought that maybe I could buck the trend. Maybe I could achieve that elusive diasporic goal of coming home. Coming home and thriving, to be happy.


Malachy Clarke - Glasgow, Scotland

The movie is never as good as the book. The cover is never as good as the original. Glasgow, and Scotland, remind me very much of Belfast, and Ireland.

I’d be lying if I said I never thought about moving back to Belfast where I have family, friends and obvious social and cultural connections. In a weird way the angry yelling about flags, independence and nationality here reminds me that there’s no place like home.


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