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You can't eat a flag

"There has definitely been more interest in NI related news since the election. Not many in England knows of all the scandals, gaffes, offensive remarks, and the lingering hangover of the sectarian politics we have had to deal within the past decade of power sharing. I want to show them that we're not all the same."

Of course we're stuck in the past

"The solution to our problems is not to be found waiting for the DUP and Sinn Fein to find common ground that does not exist. It isn’t to be found waiting for them to do anything. They have made it very clear that they can’t share power, that they won’t share power, so power should not and can not be entrusted to them."

Year in Review 2017

Fly By Those Nets has had a great 2017, with some fantastic writing from across Northern Ireland and beyond. We've put this together to share some of our favourite articles from the year and to showcase some of the submissions you may have missed.