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You can't eat a flag

"There has definitely been more interest in NI related news since the election. Not many in England knows of all the scandals, gaffes, offensive remarks, and the lingering hangover of the sectarian politics we have had to deal within the past decade of power sharing. I want to show them that we're not all the same."

Leap and the nets will catch you

"My mum gave me one piece of advice before I set off: “Leap and the net will catch you”. I was moving to Paris but I was a penniless recent graduate in Glasgow, crashing with a network of friends and serving burritos. Moving abroad can feel like you’re in a free fall, but there are plenty of places, good and bad waiting to break your descent."

People, Places, Things

"Far from waiving my right to weigh in on local issues, living away from the painted kerbs means I don’t have to pretend to align myself to anything apart from the things that matter. Our rights trump outdated fear and suspicion every time."