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People, Places, Things

"Far from waiving my right to weigh in on local issues, living away from the painted kerbs means I don’t have to pretend to align myself to anything apart from the things that matter. Our rights trump outdated fear and suspicion every time."

Curry My Crocodile

"Culture and identity should not be treated as sacrosanct and static – culture is the expression of identity in a given place and time and can be either beneficial or harmful to society; it is in a constant state of flux with new elements being introduced and old ones discarded."

Calling a SPAD a SPAD

"I lose interest when Arlene Foster speaks of being a woman and a strong unionist leader. Yes we share gender affiliations and while I am delighted to see female representation and leadership, I am not hearing the narrative hospitality of representing all, be they male, female, transgender, rural, urban, wealthy, impoverished..."