All in 28daysNI

Moving Back And Moving On

"Northern Ireland was still Northern Ireland. There were still stories of rioting and certain tensions at that time with marches. 'People are living in the past' was what I thought in 2013 and now in 2017 I find myself saying it again. Before long, I felt that urge to travel again."

"The Cyclist"

"I may have a beard, drive a Volvo and read Scandinavian fiction but I am not a hipster cycling obsessive. I am an ordinary person who cycles a bit. In work, however, I am 'The Cyclist': the only one of 50 or 60 staff who cycles to work every day."

People, Places, Things

"Far from waiving my right to weigh in on local issues, living away from the painted kerbs means I don’t have to pretend to align myself to anything apart from the things that matter. Our rights trump outdated fear and suspicion every time."

Curry My Crocodile

"Culture and identity should not be treated as sacrosanct and static – culture is the expression of identity in a given place and time and can be either beneficial or harmful to society; it is in a constant state of flux with new elements being introduced and old ones discarded."